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    Next Generation
    Automotive Sales Leads Acquisition
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    The A.I. in Prof.ai

About Prof.ai

The Next Generation of Automotive Sales Leads Acquisition

Our Motivation

A huge amount of thoughts and intentions to buy are wasted every day on social media. Dealerships on the other hand stay in the dark, waiting for clients to visit their website or see their ad.

Lead Detection

Tens of thousands of people tweet about their need to buy a car or ask for recommendation every day. Our unique big data engine detects users with such intentions with great precision.


Once we know who is looking for a car we extract his: location, demographics, income, personality traits and emotions. This way we provide a great input for car dealers to reach potential clients with the right offer.

True A.I.

Knowing our leads as real people allows our A.I. services further to induce 'laydowns' - recommend the right offer for the right person with the right conditions to immediately close the best deal.

Our Leads

Everything you need to know about your customers


Personal profiles and traits


Suggested car makes and models

'Laydown' Rating

Chance of buying a car without negotiating


Estimated car purchase budget


Age, gender, education, marital status


Distance to dearlership offices


In the marketplace dealers can mark their location and select multiple car makes and models. We then provide a batch of qualified sales leads at a fixed price. Our leads are real people who are actively looking for a car, even if they haven't requested any offers from dealerships yet. The lead reports contain the standard data package: location, demographics, estimated income and personality traits.

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Lead Streams
For a steady stream of leads, dealers define their location, car makes and models and we provide potential customers at the moment they reveal their intentions. Leads count is estimated in advance and price is again calculated per lead. The leads are manually verified and contain enhanced prof.ai features: location, demographics, estimated income and personality traits.


Prof.ai Suite
Our innovative Prof.ai Suite engine uses leads' social media footprint to calculate the best fitting deals as well as predict conversion likelihood. Dealers can adjust their offers according to user personality score, knowing the chance of laydown for each offer in advance.



Read What People Are Saying About Us

“Great innovation! I was surprised by the quality of the data stream. Profiles are really useful!”

- Theodore Willis

"We were looking for a social media monitoring tool for a long time. Turns out we really needed Prof.ai!"

- Tom Washington

“Keep It Up Guys Your Work Rules, Cheers :)”

- Jane Randall


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